Interior design
Hardwood Flooring in living room

Decorating your home can be a daunting task, but it is one that will reward you many times over. Determining your personal style allows you to create a theme that you can carry from room to room, giving the house a cohesiveness, even if your style is eclectic. Your furniture is the backbone of the home. It is important to choose wisely and then formulate your design plan around your choices. After you have laid that foundation in place, you can begin to look at complementary fabrics and colors – eventually visiting paint, window coverings, floor coverings, lighting, and accents in turn. Discover your style and go from there. Your taste may range from traditional to country to casual to contemporary to modern, or anywhere in between. You can choose from materials such as woods, metals, glass, even plastics. You may like intricate designs or strong, simple lines, such as in the Mission style. You may want your pieces to be heavy and substantial, perhaps dramatic, or the sharp, linear design of Minimalism may appeal to you. When you are considering your preference for what appeals to you, take into account too how you envision your home’s primary function. Is it to be a comfortable haven for your family? Do you plan to entertain elegantly? Do you want a serene, cool, calming environment? Do you prefer an eclectic, cozy, warm nook? Is it to be an open, airy affair or more somber? Casual? Luxurious? Formal? Rustic? If your style is casual, and you are looking to make an inviting home for you and your family, you are likely to want the warm glow of woods, either light or dramatically dark, and soft, inviting fabrics. If you prefer a more traditional, formal look, you are likely to choose rich fabrics, including damask and velvet, and woods, such as cherry or mahogany. For the modern approach, you may incorporate many materials – light, blonde woods, sleek metals like chrome and aluminum, and simple fabrics. Whatever your taste, you can find fabulous pieces that express your style.