Home decorating is one of the keys to making the most out of a home. Do it right and you can turn a pedestrian home into a castle.

Interior design

Really good interior designers interview family members prior to making a plan and recommendations for changes in a home’s interior design and decoration. You and your family can benefit if you take the same approach when you’re in a do it yourself mode. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to a new home and have a big project or are just freshening up one room. Family interviews are the place to start.

What Activities Need to be Accommodated?

Large project or small, begin by figuring out how your family is going to use the space. Let’s assume we’re talking about a whole house. Meet with each family member and ask them how they feel about an array of things. Don’t forget to answer for yourself, too.

Consider the following issues with family members:

Will reading be a popular activity?

  1. TV and movie viewing?
  2. Playing electronic games?
  3. Computer use for homework or business?
  4. Sleepovers for the younger generation?
  5. Sewing?
  6. Furniture refinishing?
  7. Carpentry and wood working projects?
  8. Dinner parties?
  9. Is there something new a family member would like to try if there were a decent spot for it? (I do hope your son doesn’t tell you he’d like to learn to play the drums! The violin was bad enough.)
  10. Will the activities be done by someone alone or will a group be involved?
  11. Do you or your husband need to be nearby to oversee the activity?
  12. Is having it occur within view of (or out of site of) something else important?
  13. Obviously, there are going to be unique questions per the circumstances of your family. If you make a list and ask appropriate questions, the improvements on your home will lead to happy family living.